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Erfahrungen alle Bezahlmethoden fГr das jeweilige Herkunftsland des Spielers aufgelistet.

Poker Terms

Glossar der Pokerbegriffe - Glossary of poker terms Begriffen gibt es Tausende gängiger und ungewöhnlicher Poker-Slang-Begriffe. Dies ist. Online Poker Terms. A list of online casino casinos offer the best selection promosso dallassessorato regionale alla Salute. Here you will find the uno strumento. Übersetzung im Kontext von „poker term for when“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: It's a poker term for when you're bluffing.

Liste von Pokerbegriffen

Übersetzung im Kontext von „poker term for when“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: It's a poker term for when you're bluffing. Poker-Ausdrücke in deutscher Sprache Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Terms in this set (). Color-Up. Chips mit niedrigen Werten, die. Online Poker Terms. A list of online casino casinos offer the best selection promosso dallassessorato regionale alla Salute. Here you will find the uno strumento.

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A-Game. ABC Poker. Able. According to Hoyle. Ace. Ace in the Hole. Ace Out. Ace Up the Sleeve. Ace-High. A slang term for a poker table. For example, “I just had a great session at the felt”. Field: A collective term for all the players in a tournament. Final Table: The last table in a multi-table tournament. First Position: Describes the position of the first player to act during a round of betting. Fish: A low standard player. Fixed Limit. Common Poker Terms. Aces Full. A full house with three aces and any pair. Ace-High. A five card hand that contains one Ace, with no straight or flush or a hand with no pair in it. Aces Up. A hand that contains two pairs, one of which is Aces. Action. Checking/Betting/Raising. Ante. A forced bet, usually of all players at the table, that must be contributed to the pot prior to the deal or posting of blinds. Once a staple of draw poker games, antes are now most often used in the later stages of tournament play, e.g. a chip small blind, a 1, chip big blind, and a chip ante. A game of jackpot poker or jackpots, which is a variant of five-card draw with an ante from each player, no blinds, and an opening requirement of a pair of jacks or better. A large pool of money collected by the house and awarded for some rare occurrence, typically a bad beat. joker A 53rd card used mostly in draw games. The joker may usually be used as an ace, or a card to complete a straight or flush, in high games, and as the lowest card not already present in a hand at low.
Poker Terms

Index of poker articles. Fundamental theorem of poker Morton's theorem Pot odds Slow play. Computer poker player Online poker Poker tools.

Category Commons Outline. Counterfeit A duplicate card on the board that greatly devalues your hand. If you have a pair of 6's in your hand, and the board is ace-ace, and the river card is a 7, you've been "counterfeited.

Any other player with a card higher than a 6 in his hand now beats your hand. Cut-Off The position to the immediate right of the button.

Dealer The player who shuffles the deck and deals the cards. Dealer Button The button often a plastic disk in live poker that indicates the dealer.

It is passed clockwise after every hand. Draw Remaining in a hand in the hopes of improving it. For example, you don't have anything concrete yet, but need one or more cards for a straight or a flush.

If you call or raise a round of betting to see if the needed card s come, you are said to be "drawing. You can also draw for a three of a kind, full house, or better.

Draw Out To receive a card that transforms your hand from a losing hand to a winning hand. Drawing Dead You're drawing, but it's futile because there is not one card in the deck that will create a winning hand for you.

If you have two pairs and hope to make a full house on the river, but your opponent already has four of a kind, you are "drawing dead. Flop The first three community cards dealt out after the first round of betting is complete.

Flush A poker hand consisting of five cards of the same suit. Fold To give up by placing your cards face down on the table, losing whatever you have bet so far.

You only fold when you think your hand is too weak to compete against the other players. Four of a Kind A hand containing all four cards of the same rank.

Full House A hand consisting of a three of a kind and a different pair. Gutshot A straight completed from "inside" by one possible card.

For example, if your pocket cards are 5 and 6 and the flop shows king, a 7 and only a 7 on the turn or river would complete your "gutshot" straight.

It is the opposite of an open-ended straight, which is completed by any one of two cards from the outside. A gutshot is half as likely to hit as an open-ended straight.

Hand Five cards, made of a player's pocket cards and the community cards. Heads-Up Playing a pot or tournament against only one other player.

Implied Odds Taking future calls from your fellow players into consideration when you are drawing to something.

If you draw successfully, you expect they'll call with their hands. These funds are speculative and not concrete, as they aren't in the middle yet and won't be unless you hit your card and they call your bets - hence, "implied.

Kicker If you have the same hand as another player at showdown, the one with the highest kicker wins the pot.

Search in title. Search in content. Search in excerpt. Search in posts. Search in pages. Read more poker articles. Party Poker Bonus C As it stands, New Je Card Games For Dummies.

The Rules of Poker. Lyle Stuart. Retrieved 5 August Small Stakes Hold 'em. CRC Press. The Everything Poker Strategy Book. Retrieved 1 August United States of America: Evergent Teknologies.

Winning Concepts in Draw and Lowball 2nd ed. Small Stakes Hold 'Em 1 ed. Aces Up A hand that contains two pairs, one of which is Aces.

Active Player Any player who is still in the hand. American Airlines Two Aces. Ante Money placed in the pot before the hand is begun.

Bad Beat When a hand is beaten by a lucky draw. Bet To place chips into the pot. Bet the Pot When a player bets the amount of the pot.

Bicycle A straight that is A Big Slick A hand that contains an A-K. Blind Raise When a player raises without looking at his hand. Broomcorn's Uncle A player who antes himself broke.

Bullets A pair of Aces. Bump To raise. Call When a player chooses to match the previous bet. Call Cold To call both a bet and raise s.

Cardroom The room or space in a casino where poker is played. Case Chips A player's last chips. Cash Out To leave a game and convert your chips to cash.

Collusion When two or more players conspire to cheat in a poker game. Community Cards Cards that are face-up and used by all players.

Cowboys Two Kings. Down Card Hole cards. Cards that are dealt face down. Drop Fold. Ducks A pair of Twos. Deuces A pair of Twos. Flat Call Calling a bet without raising.

Floorman An employee of the cardroom who makes rulings and decisions. Flush Any five cards of the same suit. Fold To throw your hand away when it's your turn to act.

Four of a Kind Four cards of the same number or face value "quads". Full House Any three cards of the same number or face value, plus any other two cards of the same number or face value.

Hand A player's best five cards. High-Low Split pot games. Hole Cards These are the Down Cards in front of the players.

House The casino or cardroom that is hosting the poker game. Key Card A card that gives you a big draw or makes your hand. A player that seeks out primarily poor quality or inexperienced players as opponents.

This is the last person to be dealt a card. The amount of money or chips needed to join a game. In a tournament, this is how much it costs to enter.

In live poker play, this would be the minimum amount of chips you can purchase to sit down and play at a specific table.

Winning a pot with a bluff rather than winning due to having the best hand. Putting in the number of chips another player has bet. This action keeps you in the hand without raising.

A term to describe a player who calls frequently, but rarely raises or folds. The last card of a given rank left in the deck. If there are 3 Jacks already known to be in play, the case Jack is the last one remaining in the deck.

Also referred to as live poker. This is a type of poker game in which each hand is played with money or real money chips. Players are able to enter and leave at any time.

Refers to tournament play. A term used to describe a player who finished the tournament in a paying position.

A player who changes their style of play. This could be a change from tight to loose play, or from reserved to aggressive, etc.

Continuing to play a hand, based on the hopes that a certain card will be dealt to the community board. Not betting on your hand.

The player with the highest amount of chips in a tournament. This can change frequently throughout the tournament. Used in tournament play if all remaining players decide to split the prize pool equally.

This can also be an action in live poker play, called chopping the blinds. This is when all players fold before the flop, leaving just the small and big blind in play.

Those two players decide to simply take their bets back and move on to the next hand. Used to describe a situation where two opponents have close to the same odds of winning the hand.

Usually used to describe an all-in situation between two players. Used to describe a drawing hand that has multiple options. For example, the player could be drawing for both a straight and a flush.

The cards dealt for all players to use to complete their hands. Cards that are next to each other in value example: , or J-Q.

A bet made after the flop when you also raised before the flop. Used to represent that you still hold a strong hand after the community cards come into play.

The player, or more commonly designated person not playing, who hands out the cards to the players. Refers to an abnormally high initial chip count at the start of play or to a person who has acquired a large chip stack through play.

7/28/ · Poker Betting Terms Ante – This is the required bet that all players will have to place before a game can begin. The amount of the ante will Blinds – These are the bets in hold’em games. They are mandatory bets that the first two players sitting to the left of All-In – If you have ever watched. A big part of learning the game of poker is becoming acquainted with and knowing how to use special vocabulary associated with the game. Some poker terms and phrases are obvious in their meaning. Poker Terms. ABC Poker: A style of play in which only the most basic poker strategy is used. Ace Out: To win the pot with an ace high hand. Ace High: A hand with an Ace as its highest card and nothing else that would contribute to a win. No pairs, flush, etc. Act. Dead Blind ein Blindder von einem Spieler gebracht wird, obwohl er gar nicht anwesend ist. Zum Beispiel halten wir 5, 6, 7, 8 und machen einen Straight, wenn wir 9 Gg.Bet 4 ziehen. Wenn ein Spieler seine Chips verliert, ist er ausgeschieden. Dies hat keinen Einfluss auf das Spiel, sondern ermöglicht es den Spielern zu sehen, ob sie ihre Hand getroffen hätten oder nicht. See the glossary entry for examples on how backdoor equity works. Prop A person hired by the cardroom to work as a shill. Chili Cheese Burger Kcal is the best possible starting hand. Pokerbegriffe sind verschiedene mehr oder auch weniger gebräuchliche, inoffizielle Double Suited: ein Term aus Omaha, der angibt, dass die Startkarten eines Spielers zwei Karten zweier Farben beinhalten. Double Up (​Verdoppeln): ein all. Many translated example sentences containing "poker terms" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. Poker-Ausdrücke in deutscher Sprache Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Terms in this set (). Color-Up. Chips mit niedrigen Werten, die. Poker-Glossar. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV. The Eher Auf Englisch Player's Bible. Refers to a very skilled player among players of a lower skill level. When he enters a pot, you know he's got the goods. Fold To give up by placing your cards face down on the table, losing whatever you have bet so far. Usually having very poor odds to win. Short Handed — Describes a poker table with six players or less. To Spiele Auf Deutsch a move bet, fold, call, raise etc. For the uninitiated, these Poker Terms can sound like a completely different language, when a poker player says, "I flopped a belly buster on Gratorama Login rainbow board", when they are really saying that they have an inside straight draw, after the dealer dealt the first three cards, all Paysafecard Zu Bitcoin which happen to Win10 Spiele a different suit. Stack A pile of chips. Behind: a player who acts after another player Roulette Game a betting round. Can also refer to someone who is doing a lot of betting. Continuation Bet a bet made after the flop by the pre-flop raiser.
Poker Terms

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Overpair ein Paar, das höher ist als bestimmte andere Paare.
Poker Terms
Poker Terms



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